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Ella and the Worry Doll

The Ella and the Worry Doll book-doll combo is a current take on a tradition hundreds of years old. In Guatemala at bedtime, children would place tiny dolls under their pillows, in the belief that the dolls would watch over them and take away their worries “I’ve had the privilege of getting to know and to look after many young children-in my life, and as a career,” Author Allison Canale says. “Everyone is afraid sometimes, and sometimes the hardest thing about being afraid is feeling that there’s something ‘wrong’ with being scared, or maybe not being able to say exactly what it is that’s so scary.

Told in verse, this charming tale of Ella and her special friend reminds kids of all ages that sometimes, it helps to talk out your worries and your feelings- and that there is always someone out there who will listen.